™ sells cheats (autoplayers) for™'s online games.

History and Who We Are
Bob Badour started programming computers in 1981 in the very early days of personal computers. In 1996, he founded 3283291 Canada Limited as a contract programming company. The business switched to publishing autoplayers in February 2004 and launched the™ brand in November 2005.

Bob has a vision of supplying you, the entertainment gaming customer, with the highest quality, most reliable autoplayers on the market and to back those autoplayers with the best, most courteous service.

Email us at:,, or™ is:

3283291 Canada Limited
c/o Bob Badour
38883 Western Rd - Rte 2
Alberton RR #1, PE, CA C0B 1B0

Our civic address is:
38883 Western Rd - Rte 2
Rosebank, PE, CA

Please Note: The terms of service of most gaming sites, including™, do not allow autoplayers. Please review the relevant terms of service before deciding whether autoplayers are right for you.

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