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This program plays 6th Street Omaha Poker on™ (It is not a game. It plays the game for you.)

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Otter Caller plays 6th Street Omaha Poker on™. This simple, friendly otter™ does not try to beat other players. It plays lots of games to win all of the badges.

Are you playing against the bots and want things to go faster? Allow Otter Caller to raise and fold. It raises once so the bots fold and then it folds. You will play hands faster for the price of a few tokens more.

Works great with friends. Set up one computer to always call and the other computers to fold to pass by all those unproductive hands.

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Otter Caller
$10.00 USD

Otter Caller plays to win badges not to beat other players. It has advanced features to spend less time playing out no good hands.

Any 3 gameotter™ programs
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Any 10 gameotter™ programs
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Any 20 gameotter™ programs
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Only $4.00 USD per program! 60% off!

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