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This program plays Fortune Bingo on™ (It is not a game. It plays the game for you.)

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Otter Dotter dots those Fortune Bingo cards faster than you can think it. Unless, of course, you decide to slow it down to the speed of we mere humans.

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Otter Dotter
$10.00 USD

Warning! At the fastest speed settings, Otter Dotter has BAM! It can mark six cards and hit the gong faster than you can blink. Use with caution.

Any 3 gameotter™ programs
$25.00 USD

Only $8.33 USD per program! Save $5.00 USD!

Any 10 gameotter™ programs
$50.00 USD

Only $5.00 USD per program! 50% off!

Any 20 gameotter™ programs
$80.00 USD

Only $4.00 USD per program! 60% off!

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