Otter playing in snow

"Why otters?"

gameotter makes autoplayers or "autos" for short. At first, we noticed the name "otter" sounded like "auto". But the more we thought about it, the more we saw that otters are the ideal symbol for autos.

When you think of "otter" what do you think of? Everyone who ever watched a nature documentary knows otters love to play!

They play in water. And on land. We all know they play in snow. And even in the air!

As far as furry mascots go, otters are very furry: "1,000 hairs/mm², 650,000 hairs per sq. in". The sea otter has thicker fur than a chinchilla. And they are cute too!

While you look at the other otter pictures on this page, ask yourself whether otters are everything you want an autoplayer to be.

Alert and attentive otters


The photographer caught these autos otters with a keen eye on the Bingo call board.

An otter looking over its shoulder with a paw in the air in a dismissive gesture.


"Don't mention it! The pleasure was all mine!" responds this tireless wonder after completing all of the solitaire badges for a friend.

One otter has its mouth open as if laughing while a second otter has its face behind the first otter's ear.

Sense of Humor

Here we see two otters sharing a naughty joke.

An otter in the forest looks at the camera with an earnest expression.

Eager and Professional

Just look at the expression on her face when she reports for spelling duty... "Ready and able!"

A sea otter sleeps on its back with its forepaws in the air as if ready to hold a video game controller.


This young auto otter is so determined to keep going, he even plays in his sleep. (His mother took the game controller from his paws just before the picture was taken.)

Several otter pups sleeping at the base of a large rock.

At Rest

We find several autos otters sleeping after completing a badge marathon for all of their friends.

When the job is done, our friends are happy to rest and relax until we need them again. When the time comes to call on them again, they will be as rested and as sharp as ever.

We at gameotter thank you for coming and hope you enjoyed our "otter" page.

Please Note: The terms of service of most gaming sites, including™, do not allow autoplayers. Please review the relevant terms of service before deciding whether autoplayers are right for you.

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