™ respects your privacy. Period.
You might ask: "How do we know gameotter won't start emailing us advertisements?" Answer: We don't need to.
All of our autoplayers (otters for short) have a built-in message of the day (MOTD) feature. We can inform you of important news without sending bulk email. Every time you run one of our otters, it sends a couple requests to our webserver--just like when you come to our website using your web browser. If you need to upgrade to a newer version or if we have other news for you, a message will pop up when you run the otter. Similarly, if we detect any potential problem that might prevent the otter from running, a message will pop up telling you what you need to do.
You might then ask: "Does this MOTD feature tell gameotter anything about me?" Answer: Yes and no.
Obviously, from the request we can see that someone ran our software. The request also tells us whether you are using the free trial or a registered copy. The request may also tell us what your default web browser is and any other information that you share with every website you visit--including this site just now. While the request does tell us some information, it is generally unimportant information that is no cause for alarm.
Similarly, when you click Report Problem in an otter, it will send us a lot of technical information useful for solving the problem you experienced. We use that information for solving your problem and for no other reason. The otter will show you what it is sending and give you the option not to send it.
If you have any other questions or concerns regarding privacy, contact us and we will answer your questions.

Please Note: The terms of service of most gaming sites, including™, do not allow autoplayers. Please review the relevant terms of service before deciding whether autoplayers are right for you.

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